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After a brief struggle with cancer, it is with deepest grief and sorrow that we announce the passing of the Producer of Idanha Films, Lori Joyce, at the young age of 63. Lori crossed over on Saturday, July 25th 2015 at 12:20am as she wished, in a beautiful mountain home surrounded by the love of family and friends.

(Lori Joyce on a film shoot in India. Photo Courtesy of Jon Orlando Photography)

Lori lived as an artist, mentor, creative director, spiritual advisor, mother and impassioned friend to all who entered her heart. Her work for peace, social justice, women and children's issues and environmental concerns through documentary film making are honored tributes of her legacy. Lori's productions received national and local recognition through network television, various film festivals and a Peabody Award. Lori left Idanha Films to her Board of Directors and one of her last wishes was to finish Arise II. In 2017, they will be revealing two exciting projects so please stay tuned.

A film that captures the portraits and stories of extraordinary women around the world who are coming together to heal the injustices against the earth, weaves together poetry, music, art and stunning scenery to create a hopeful and collective story that inspires us to work for the earth.

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Lori Joyce and Candice Orlando

The directors of Arise felt an urgent obligation to bring this story to the screen. The Mother and daughter team of Lori Joyce and Candice Orlando bring their own individual, personal transformations in regards to caring for the earth to this project. It is with this voice that we conveyed our connection to those who are speaking for us through the power of the visual medium of film.

Daryl Hannah, Narrator, has starred and acted in over fifty films and has been an effective, passionate activist and advocate for a more ethical sustainable world for decades.

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Tribe All India

Kenya & India for Arise - View Photo Gallery

Tribe All Kenya

     Please contact Producer, Candice Orlando for more information on how you can participate in bringing these worthy and timely ideas to the viewing public in a powerful documentary film.

Producer, Lori Joyce in Israel for "Arise"